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The Sustainable City

Made For Today by The Creators of Tomorrow

Get ready for the eco-adventure of a lifetime on Yas Island, the heart of entertainment in the Emirati capital! The Sustainable City Yas Island is not just another development; it's a green paradise for those who want to nurture their mind, body, and soul while living in style.

AED 892,000

Starting Price

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The Sustainable City


1 - 4 Bedroom


710 sqft


Hand Over by Q4 2025

About the Project

Discover the future of sustainable living at The Sustainable City Yas Island by Aldar Properties, an exciting residential development in the heart of Abu Dhabi. This innovative project offers a range of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom condos, as well as spacious 3-4 bedroom townhouses, all designed with the idea of "living life as it should be." Embracing the responsibility of creating a better future, this community is dedicated to using durable and eco-friendly resources that can be passed down to future generations. It's a slice of eco-heaven that redefines your lifestyle and sets the standard for sustainability.

Nestled within the iconic Yas Island, this visionary community offers a plethora of entertainment, leisure, sports, and health options. With a strong commitment to sustainability, the development incorporates smart features like high energy efficiency, water-saving smart irrigation systems, low carbon products, and recyclable materials. Plus, the city is largely powered by solar energy, and its car-free residential clusters encourage walking, promoting not just an eco-conscious lifestyle but a healthier one too. The Sustainable City Yas Island truly lives up to its name, offering a green and responsible living experience that's passionately shaping a better tomorrow.


The Sustainable City Yas Island, an innovative development, is committed to achieving 2050 global climate targets by creating an intelligent and sustainable live-work community. Residents can anticipate saving up to 100% on their energy bills through green, energy-efficient designs that align with the UAE's Net Zero by 2050 Strategic Initiative. Construction begins in May 2023, with an expected handover between late 2025 and early 2026.

The community boasts a wide array of sustainability features, including solar panels, shared electric buggies, and wastewater treatment for irrigation. It's designed as a walkable city, with a maximum walking distance of just 295 feet. The master plan incorporates car-free residential clusters, indoor vertical farming, recycling facilities, biodomes, and pocket gardens. Additional amenities include a mosque, an equestrian center, landscaped areas, green spaces, a dog park, a nursery, and 32,300 square feet of retail space. Sports enthusiasts will relish cycling and jogging tracks, a skate park, a padel court, swimming pools, a gym, a basketball court, as well as lakes and parks within the community. This development offers a holistic and sustainable living experience for future residents.



Made For Today by The Creators of Tomorrow

The Sustainable City Yas Island is a promising investment opportunity. It taps into the rising demand for sustainable living and aligns with the UAE's sustainability goals, making it appealing to environmentally conscious residents. With energy-efficient features and the potential for substantial cost savings, it presents a strong value proposition. Additionally, its wide range of amenities and anticipated growth on Yas Island further enhance its investment appeal. Sustainable properties like this tend to hold their value well during market fluctuations, offering long-term stability for investors.

However, while the Sustainable City Yas Island holds great potential, due diligence and professional guidance are essential. Thorough research and understanding of the market dynamics are crucial to make a well-informed investment decision.

Live in Self Sustaining Community

Living in a sustainable city like The Sustainable City Yas Island offers a range of benefits, including environmental responsibility, cost savings through energy efficiency, improved health and well-being with green spaces, and a strong sense of community that shares your values. It's an opportunity to lead a more eco-conscious and fulfilling lifestyle.

Exterior Design

Sustainable exterior design prioritizes energy efficiency, renewable energy integration, natural ventilation, water management, green roofing and walls, and the use of recycled and sustainable materials. These elements collectively reduce the environmental impact of a building or structure, conserve energy, and promote eco-friendly practices in construction.

Interior Design

Sustainable city interior design prioritizes eco-friendly elements such as energy-efficient lighting, low-VOC materials for improved indoor air quality, efficient HVAC systems, waste reduction through recycling and sustainable practices, and the use of sustainable and renewable materials. These features collectively create interior spaces that are environmentally responsible, resource-efficient, and contribute to the well-being of residents within a sustainable city.

Floor Plan

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