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Sea La Vie

A Unique Waterfront Lifestyle Destination

Sea La Vie, the inaugural project of Nine Yards real estate development company, embodies their commitment to creating luxurious residential complexes in the UAE's most prestigious locations. With a focus on sophistication and opulence, Nine Yards aims to redefine modern living in the country, starting with this landmark development in Yas Bay, Abu Dhabi. Guided by the expertise of master developer Miral, Sea La Vie promises not just a residence, but a symbol of architectural excellence, seamlessly blending contemporary design with the natural beauty of its surroundings. This project is poised to set a new standard for upscale living in the heart of the UAE capital.

AED 2,200,000

Starting Price

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1 - 4 Bedroom


797 sqft


Hand Over by Q1 2026

About the Project

Sea La Vie, situated in the coveted Yas Bay within the Yas South area of Abu Dhabi, emerges as a beacon of luxury living. Despite being part of a relatively new master-planned community, Yas Bay has quickly earned a reputation as one of the most sought-after residential areas in the city. This development is poised to significantly enhance the allure of the Yas South area, comprising four distinct residential towers. Among these, two towers will showcase high-end luxury apartments, while the remaining two will offer midmarket units, ensuring a diverse range of living options to cater to various preferences and needs.

What sets Sea La Vie apart is its meticulous design that prioritizes breathtaking sea views. The architectural concept revolves around four triangular-shaped towers strategically positioned to maximize vistas of the waterfront. Introducing subtle breaks at select levels not only accommodates high-end duplex apartments but also imbues the facade with a sense of movement and fluidity. This thoughtful approach not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but also ensures that residents can savor the tranquil beauty of the sea from the comfort of their homes. Sea La Vie stands not just as a residence, but as an embodiment of refined coastal living in the heart of Yas Bay.


Sea La Vie, the inaugural project by Nine Yards in the UAE capital, epitomizes their mission to craft lavish residential complexes in the country's most prestigious locations. Situated in Yas Bay, this development is the first of many ambitious projects set to redefine luxury living. Overseeing the project is the renowned master developer, Miral. Comprising four opulent residential towers, Sea La Vie seamlessly integrates retail and lifestyle amenities, offering residents a comprehensive living experience. From one-bedroom lofts to sophisticated apartments ranging from one to four bedrooms, as well as two-bedroom duplexes, four-bedroom penthouses, and spacious townhouses with three to four bedrooms, Sea La Vie provides an array of living options tailored to diverse preferences and needs.

The interior design of Sea La Vie residences is characterized by a tasteful palette of white and earthy tones, accented with touches of blue, ensuring a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. Residents are treated to awe-inspiring views of the crystalline waters of the Arabian Gulf, adding a touch of tranquility to daily life. The property sizes vary across units, with loft units offering a generous living space of 2,050 sq. ft., and apartment sizes ranging from 797 sq. ft. to 3,757 sq. ft. Duplexes cover an area of 2,777 sq. ft., while penthouses range from 6,480 sq. ft. to 6,835 sq. ft. Townhouses, available in diverse configurations, span from 3,035 sq. ft. to 6,006 sq. ft. With a host of amenities including a waterfront swimmable lagoon, a contemporary gymnasium, a children's playground, and more, Sea La Vie promises not just luxury living, but an enhanced quality of life in the heart of Yas Bay. Guided by Miral's expertise, this development is poised to be a testament to architectural brilliance and opulence.



A Unique Waterfront Lifestyle Destination

Sea La Vie, strategically situated in Yas Bay at the southern end of Yas Island, stands as an epitome of luxury and opulence in Abu Dhabi. This premier residential complex enjoys proximity to the newly unveiled Yas Bay Waterfront, a dynamic entertainment hub boasting a grand concert arena, a floating beach club, alfresco dining options, bars, and a sprawling entertainment zone. Residents are thus immersed in a vibrant lifestyle, experiencing the pulse of entertainment at their doorstep.

Beyond its glamorous locale, Sea La Vie provides swift access to Yas Island's renowned attractions like Yas Links Abu Dhabi, Yas Marina Abu Dhabi, the adrenaline-pumping Ferrari World, and the serene Cyan Beach. The convenience extends to travel, with Abu Dhabi International Airport a mere 15-minute drive away via Al Ihtiraf Street and Yas Drive. Furthermore, the complex is enveloped by vital amenities including a park, a gym, Yas Masjid, and a Carrefour supermarket, ensuring that residents have every necessity within arm's reach. The immediate vicinity also boasts an array of dining options, from the chic Cafe del Mar Abu Dhabi to the exotic flavors of Asia Asia Abu Dhabi, providing a rich tapestry of culinary experiences. Sea La Vie's residents revel in the luxury of swift travel to attractions like Ferrari World, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi, Yas Mall, and Yas Links Abu Dhabi, all a mere 5 to 10-minute drive away, reaffirming its status as an exceptional residential haven.

Luxury Living in The Bay

Cutting-edge fixtures and fittings seamlessly integrate with an abundance of natural light, creating a harmonious blend that enhances the living spaces. This thoughtful design allows for the infusion of subtle tones and creative lighting, contributing to the overall sense of spaciousness. The result is an inviting and tranquil ambiance, perfect for unwinding and enjoying a comfortable living experience.

Exterior Design

Sea La Vie exudes modern elegance and coastal sophistication through its sleek lines, expansive glass panels, and architectural finesse. Subtle nautical accents and a thoughtful incorporation of coastal-inspired elements further enhance its visual appeal, seamlessly blending with the natural beauty of the surroundings and solidifying its place in the Yas Bay skyline.

Interior Design

A concept is centered on harmonizing with the sea's serene colors, creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. This deliberate choice of palette invokes a tranquil coastal ambiance, inviting residents to bask in the natural beauty that surrounds them.

Floor Plan

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