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Grove Beach View

Live Near The City & Sea

Grove Beach Views, a remarkable residential venture by the esteemed Aldar Properties, is situated in the tranquil landscape of Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE. These unique homes strike a perfect equilibrium between serenity and opulence, providing a range of residences from studios to two-bedroom apartments and townhouses.

AED 905,000

Starting Price

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Grove Beach View


TH - Studio, 1 & 4 BR


818 sqft


Hand Over by Q3 2025

About the Project

Grove Beach Views stands as a distinctive residential project tucked away on the tranquil Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Developed by the renowned Aldar Properties, this project presents a diverse selection of upscale residential units, including apartments and townhouses, meticulously designed to offer residents an environment of serenity and sophistication.

Set amidst the picturesque beauty of Saadiyat Island, Grove Beach Views provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life, offering residents a secluded and peaceful oasis. The project is a testament to Aldar Properties' commitment to crafting premium living spaces that not only exude luxury but also prioritize the well-being and comfort of those who call it home. With its prime location and meticulous design, Grove Beach Views promises to deliver a truly exceptional living experience that marries elegance with the tranquility of island living.


Grove Beach View, a testament to architectural brilliance and the celebration of life, is a visionary masterpiece nestled within the enchanting Cultural District on Abu Dhabi's Saadiyat Island. This multifunctional complex goes beyond being a place to live; it is a canvas for one's dreams and a sanctuary for diverse facets of life. With its seamless fusion of social spaces and tranquil retreats, it offers the perfect environment for both vibrant gatherings and serene moments of solitude. Here, art and nature coexist harmoniously, providing spaces for creative expression and lush gardens for contemplation. Step beyond the complex's boundaries, and you're greeted by bustling avenues filled with shops, restaurants, and countless wonders, turning your doorstep into a gateway to endless discovery.

Developed by the esteemed Aldar Properties with an impressive AED 8 billion investment, this project stands as one of Abu Dhabi's most ambitious and luxurious undertakings. With construction initiated in November 2019, Grove Beach View will ultimately offer 3,706 residential units, including 170 branded residences, and an array of 200 retail spaces. The development is marked by a commitment to excellence and thoughtful planning, with a phased rollout, beginning with the first phase anticipated for completion in 2025. Grove Beach View is where luxury living finds its epitome, embracing the spirit of community and innovation, all within the heart of Saadiyat Island's Cultural District.



Live Near The City & Sea

Grove Beach View boasts a strategic and enviable location within the Saadiyat Cultural District, ensuring convenience and accessibility for its residents. Situated in close proximity to both Abu Dhabi city center and Abu Dhabi International Airport, it offers an effortless commute, with a maximum travel time of just 20 minutes. Furthermore, the cosmopolitan charm of Dubai is within reach, approximately an hour's drive away, making Grove Beach View a gateway to both urban excitement and serene coastal living.

The residential complex isn't just defined by its convenient location; it is surrounded by the natural beauty of Saadiyat Island's many beaches, including the renowned Monte-Carlo Beach Club and Saadiyat Public Beach, which offers a wide array of water sports activities. For those with a passion for golf, the prestigious Saadiyat Beach Golf Club is just adjacent to Grove Beach View, providing an excellent leisure option. Additionally, the development's vicinity is enriched by an array of dining options, from fine eateries like The Drawing Room, Buddha Bar, Sontaya, and Turtle Bay Bar & Grill, creating a delightful tapestry of lifestyle choices for its residents. Saadiyat Island, divided into seven distinct districts, offers a unique living experience, featuring museums, art galleries, educational institutions, resorts, beaches, a golf club, and theme parks, all seamlessly connected to the mainland through well-planned infrastructure. With such an array of amenities and convenient access, Grove Beach View emerges as a beacon of modern coastal living in the heart of Saadiyat Island.

Your New Reality Starts Here

Grove Beach View embraces a biophilic design ethos, permeating the entire complex with the essence of nature, offering an unexpected burst of greenery and a refreshing connection to the natural world. This commitment to incorporating hanging gardens within residences, sustainable materials, and top-tier finishes culminates in a distinctive embodiment of luxurious living.

Exterior Design

Situated in an exclusive island location, this upscale residential development offers a compelling investment prospect for both potential investors and those seeking a luxurious living experience.

Interior Design

The interior design of this residence seamlessly integrates the opulence of luxury living with the timeless beauty of the natural surroundings. Large windows bring the outdoors inside, while lush indoor greenery enhances the sense of serenity, creating a harmonious sanctuary for a life of unparalleled comfort and elegance.

Floor Plan

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